All Almesa Group staff, each at their level, contributes to the development of the company and make it move forward.

People are the true decision centers of companies, so we are all important.

The mission of HR is to ensure that all of us have within our reach the necessary tools to become a great company. With training, training, personal and professional development, job security, conciliation policies and everything that each of us can contribute.


If you want to join a company with an exciting future, aware that its success is based on the people who form it, in the work for common projects and in the passion for the client.

We are looking for professionals to cover several positions. If you wish, you can send us your curriculum vitae by email to, indicating in the subject of your message the title and the reference of the offer.

If you consider that no vacancy fits your profile, but you are interested in being part of Grupo Almesa, please attach your own curriculum vitae, indicating your area of interest to consider your candidacy in future selection processes at

Work with us.
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The value of our team

At Group Almesa we believe that people are the most important thing.

We have a vision of the company based entirely on HR, but not only from the strategic perspective, but from the daily management that the employees of the group carry out.

Prevention of occupational hazards

The objectives of Law 31/1995 are to promote the safety and health of workers and integrate prevention in all activities and levels of the company.

The management of Almesa Group, aware that the activity it develops may cause damage to the safety and health of workers and third parties who may remain in the facilities, has determined the development of a risk prevention management system integrated in its activity, in accordance with the general principle according to which:

“The health and safety of workers contributes to the execution of our business activity, preserving and developing physical and human resources and reducing the losses and legal responsibilities that result from the materialization of occupational risks.”